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The Executive Committee runs the club. It meets regularly, with other committees reporting developments from their own committee meetings.

The current executive committee structure consists of four executive officers; those being the chairman, vice chairman, club secretary and treasurer. In additional there are 12 role based positions on the committee to represent the key functions and operations of the club. Finally, there are also the positions of President and Vice-President on the executive, but these are non-voting roles.

Each role is based upon a three year term, with new members being elected to the executive committee at the Annual General Meeting each June.

James Cockroft

Club Chairman

Like many other volunteers, James first got involved in the City of Hereford Swimming Club through his children, with two girls still swimming competitively at the club. James is a firm believer that time passes quicker volunteering and supporting the club, rather than sitting and watching from the side lines - and would encourage anyone who would like to follow suit to do so, as he's a great example that you don't need to be an ex-Olympian swimmer to help out - even if its only a little bit!

David Hopson

Vice Chairman

Lynne Jones

Club Secretary

Fay Henderson

Club Treasurer

Fay Henderson has been our treasurer since 2011, she runs the club shop, does the swimming club compliance checks and club desk. Because she doesn't do enough already she also sits on the executive committee. Also a swimming parent, her main goal is to sit down to one family meal a week. She has failed so far!

Norman Fincham

Club President

Norman started his involvement with swimming when his eldest daughter joined Taurus 82 swimming club in 1982, and somehow he is still involved 34 years later! Norman has carried out many duties in swimming, including committees, officiating, team managing and coaching and is still Club President and supports the Club in any way that he can.

Mary Lind

Membership Secretary

Alana Barry

SwimMark Coordinator

Alana’s two eldest children started swimming with in the club in 2014, over time she now has four children swimming over seven days a week. She first began helping poolside in local galas. Alana chose to take a more useful and active role poolside by undertaking timekeeping, team managing, marshaling and is working towards becoming a J1 official as her children are progressing through the squads.

Wayne Taylor

Open Meet Coordinator

Wayne has been involved with the Club since 1997, when his eldest daughter starting swimming with the club. Wayne decided to help poolside at first, rather than sitting in spectator area getting bored and has become more and more involved as time has progressed.

Barry Jones

Ross Treasurer

Gail Sayce

Ross Liaison Officer

Dave Cash

Water Polo Liaison Officer

Dave is no stranger to committee work. He was treasurer of his former water polo club for over 20 years and also had spells as secretary and auditor. He currently represents the water polo section on the committee. He is still looking for a successor so he can have a rest!

Sara Roper

Workforce Coordinator

Sara has been involved with Hereford Swimming Club since March 2014 when her daughter Milly was talent spotted at the Primary School Gala. Rather than spectating Sara decided to take a more active role in the club, firstly helping marshalling then team managing and currently training to officiate/time keeping. As the old saying goes "Many Hands Make Light Work" how true that is!

Sandy Gough

Coach Liaison Officer

Debbie Barnett

Leominster Liaison Officer

Stephen Phipps

Welfare Officer

Stephen started his involvement in 2014 to support his two children and took over the position of Welfare Officer in 2016. He has since assisted in team managing and is currently working through his Judge Level One course. He brings experience to the Welfare role having been the Designated Safeguarding lead in three secondary schools and having worked as a teacher for 22 years. He combines his support for the swimming club by also coaching football on a regular basis leaving little time for anything else!

Hayley Casewell

Competition Secretary