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  July 24, 2017

Squad Restructuring 2017/18

As announced in Saturday, the club is restructuring both the current squad framework and pathways for the 2017/18 season.

Please also note that this website will be updated in the coming weeks to reflect the new squad structure and training fees. In the meantime, the following should be taken as the correct version in the event of any conflicting information.


Training Times

The following revised training times, will be applicable for the start of the 2017/18 season, starting 21st August. Please note that all times include 15 minutes at either end of pool time to ensure the correct levels of pool side stretching, warm-up and cool-down is performed. 

Elite Squads

Day   Senior Performance   Youth Performance   Age Group Performance
Monday AM   5:45am-7:45am   5:45am-7:45am   5:45am-7:45am
Monday PM   6pm-9:15pm   7pm-9:15pm   7pm-9:15pm
Tuesday AM   5:45am-7:45am   5:45am-7:45am   OFF
Tuesday PM   6:45pm-9:15pm Leominster    6:45pm-9:15pm Leominster   Land Training 
Wednesday AM   OFF   OFF   5:45am-7:45am
Wednesday PM   OFF   OFF   OFF
Thursday AM   5:45am-7:45am   5:45am-7:45am   OFF
Thursday PM   7pm-9pm S&C   7pm-9pm S&C   OFF
Friday AM   5:45am-7:45am   5:45am-7:45am   5:45am-7:45am
Friday PM   6pm-9:15pm   6pm-9:15pm   6pm-9:15pm
Saturday AM   6:45am-9:15am   6:45am-9:15am   6:45am-9:15am
Sunday PM   OFF   OFF   OFF


Competition Squads

Day   Senior   Youth   Age Group
Monday AM   OFF   OFF   OFF
Monday PM   6pm-7pm S&C   OFF   OFF
Tuesday AM   5:45am-7:45am   5:45am-7:45am   5:45am-7:45am
Tuesday PM   6:45pm-8:45pm Ross   6:45pm-8:45pm Ross   6:45pm-8:45pm Ross
Wednesday AM   OFF   OFF   OFF
Wednesday PM   7:45pm-9:45pm   7:45pm-9:45pm   7:45pm-9:45pm
Thursday AM   5:45am-7:45am   5:45am-7:45am   5:45am-7:45am
Thursday PM   6:45pm-9:15pm Leominster   6:45pm-9:15pm Leominster   6:45pm-9:15pm Leominster
Friday AM   OFF   OFF   OFF
Friday PM   5:45pm-7:15pm   5:45pm-7:15pm   5:45pm-7:15pm
Saturday AM   OFF   OFF   OFF
Sunday PM   5:45pm-8:15pm   5:45pm-8:15pm   5:45pm-8:15pm


Junior Squads

Day   Junior Performance   Junior Development
Monday AM   OFF   OFF
Monday PM   6:15pm-7:45pm   OFF
Tuesday AM   OFF   OFF
Tuesday PM   Land Training 6pm-7pm   Land Training 6pm-7pm
Wednesday AM   5:45pm-7:45pm   OFF
Wednesday PM   OFF   OFF
Thursday AM   OFF   OFF
Thursday PM   OFF   OFF
Friday AM   OFF   OFF
Friday PM   4:45pm-6:15pm   4:45pm-6:15pm
Saturday AM   OFF   OFF
Sunday PM   3:45pm-6:15pm   3:45pm-5:15pm



Day   Academy
Monday AM   OFF
Monday PM   OFF
Tuesday AM   OFF
Tuesday PM   4:30pm-5:30pm
Wednesday AM   OFF
Wednesday PM   OFF
Thursday AM   OFF
Thursday PM   4:30pm-5:30pm
Friday AM   OFF
Friday PM   OFF
Saturday AM   OFF
Sunday PM   OFF


Water Polo

Day   Polo
Monday AM    
Monday PM    
Tuesday AM    
Tuesday PM    
Wednesday AM    
Wednesday PM   7:45pm-9:45pm
Thursday AM    
Thursday PM    
Friday AM    
Friday PM    
Saturday AM   9am-10am
Sunday PM    


Training Fees

As well as the new squad structures, we are also implementing longer term planning for training fees to ensure the sustainability of the club. 

This will see a small annual increment being applied to training fees to ensure that increasing costs that the club incurs are being mitigated against. The strategy is to apply small annual increments, rather than higher increments over longer intervals. In addition to this, we are normalising fees across the squads to have a clear linkage between training hours and training fees. This will be implemented over a number of years to minimise large changes in one year. Therefore, some changes to training fees will be higher for some squads, than others - with some squad fees being frozen until this normalisation has completed.

Please also remember that there were no increases in training fees for the 2016/17 season.


Elite Squads

The following monthly training fees shall be applicable for the Elite Squads from 1st September 2017.

  • Senior Performance - £77.50
  • Youth Performance - £77.50
  • Age Group Performance - £59.50


Competition Squads

The following monthly training fees shall be applicable for the Competition Squads from 1st September 2017. The fee structure is based around the number of training sessions that each individual would like to access. An initial estimate should be taken individually, with the club then monitoring this and informing swimmers if they are (on average) exceeding or under the number of sessions that are being paid for.

  • 2 Sessions - £27.50
  • 3 Sessions - £32.50
  • 4 Sessions - £37.50
  • 5 Sessions - £42.50
  • 6 Sessions - £47.50


Junior Squads

The following monthly training fees shall be applicable for the Junior Squads from 1st September 2017.

    • Junior Performance - £48.00
    • Junior Development - £32.00
    • Academy - £23.00



The following monthly training fees shall be applicable for the water polo members from 1st September 2017.

        • Polo - £23.50