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The Chairperson of a club is seen to be a figure head, ambassador and a principal officer for a club. A Chairperson will chair and lead meetings within the club, and be responsible for key decision making and leadership, in consultation with other committee members.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To provide direction for the club through effective leadership and management
  • To chair and control meetings of the management committee
  • To act as principal officer within the club and make decisions whenever the need arises, in consultation with other officers when appropriate
  • To represent the club at external meetings when required
  • To be involved, where appropriate, in the coordination of club activities
  • To manage and oversee the work of officers and other club personnel
  • To present the club’s annual report, in association with the club Secretary
  • To present the club’s annual accounts, in association with the club Treasurer
  • To determine the content and agenda for club meetings, in association with the club Secretary
  • To ensure that club statutory documents and other returns are administered and filed on time
  • To advise the Treasurer on the use and investment of club funds.

  July 2019

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