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The club Competition Secretary role is to act as the central point of contact for all competition entries (i.e. club championships, open meets, etc). The Competition Secretary shall work with the Head Coach to understand the upcoming competition calendar and ensure that relevant information about the competition is obtained and shared with club members (i.e. club website, targeted email, etc). The Competition Secretary does not attend the committee meetings and is a non-voting role within the club.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work with Head Coach to identify suitable open meets around the country for Club members to attend and send off for details
  • Distribute entry forms to appropriate swimmers and collect completed forms and entry fees
  • Liaise with Club Treasurer to exchange individual swimmer's entry fees for one Club cheque
  • Send all entry forms and relevant payments to hosting club
  • Receive secondary entry cards from hosting club and distribute to swimmers
  • Adhere to the current Data Protection Policy.

  July 2019

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