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The Membership Secretary of a club deals with the day to day registration of the club members; both within the club itself and with the ASA. The role involves inputting and submitting these registrations/renewals via the Online Membership System (OMS) and is the key link between the club and the ASA Membership Office.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Have a good knowledge of all club members – swimmers, coaches, volunteers, committee members and parents
  • Act as a main point of contact at the club for all things relating to club and ASA membership
  • Ensure that annual club membership renewals are completed on time via the membership portal
  • Monitoring and maintaining the club membership portal to approve new applications, adjust membership details (i.e. squad), and mark leavers of the club as required
  • Informing the club Treasurer of and joiners, movers (i.e. squad movements), or leavers to the club to ensure that the correct payments are being made by the member
  • Ensure that annual ASA membership renewals are completed on time via the OMS at the beginning of each year – renewing those who are staying with the club, lapsing those who are no longer members and adding any new members in the correct membership category
  • Updating the OMS throughout the year regarding any changes to membership, category or contact details for all members of the club

Ensure all relevant forms are sent to the ASA Membership Office along with any relevant payment via the club Treasurer.

  July 2019

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